We have had instances of scammers impersonating Sleeping Giant Media with fake jobs via WhatsApp. We will not use WhatsApp to offer anyone a job and encourage those applying for a position to check with us via an email to jobs@sleepinggiantmedia.co.uk, or phone before progressing any conversations.

We have already reported this issue to the police as a company, but if you have been defrauded, please file a report with citizens’ advice as we cannot support you: 


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Becoming a Giant

At Sleeping Giant Media, we’re not interested in old hat SEO, we’re not looking for guesswork paid search, and we don’t do clichéd content writing. We’re bigger than that. We are GIANT.

From the moment you step through the doors of Giant HQ, you’ll be in the company of some of the most passionate and switched-on faces in digital and you’ll receive all the training you need to get you up to speed on how we do things.

We’re after individuals who relish a challenge, those who want to push the boundaries of what is known about digital marketing, and those who want to give the best to receive the best.

In return, we treat our Giants as just that — the best.

rosie and kitty in the office looking at their laptops

What we offer our Giants

We make it our mission to go above and beyond when it comes to workplace benefits. Offering so much more than your regular ‘office job’, we have lovingly created a scaffolding of protective policies and beneficial activities to make coming to work the most joyful, comfortable experience possible for our team.

We support our Giants – both remote and in-person – in all aspects of their lives as much as possible.

Just a few of the initiatives and benefits we have in place include:


  • Our flexible working policy (‘WoW’ or ‘work when or where you want’)
  • Healthcare cash plans
  • Birthdays off to celebrate
  • Free lunches in the office 3x a week
  • Summer and winter parties
  • Emotional, mental, and physical health support
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Friday Beer-O’Clock
  • 10 paid sick days a year
  • The profit share scheme — because when we succeed, we celebrate together
  • Weekly training sessions for professional development
  • And, lastly, our popular unlimited annual leave policy (yes, really)

Awaken your potential with career progression

We ask our Giants to be the very best versions of themselves — not only for the business, but for our clients, whose businesses rely on our outstanding work. If you’re willing to put in the effort, we’ll be there to reward it through positive career progression.

We’ve already mentioned the training you undergo when you first join, but we’re keen to make sure that education continues far beyond the onboarding period.

We not only offer training sessions every week, but we also send our team to national and international conferences, provide access to tools and materials that improve knowledge, and make sure that our people are certified — giving them the recognition they deserve for delivering excellence in their specialisms. As well as this, we conduct bi-annual performance reviews and quarterly check-ins, giving you a chance to reflect on your progress on a regular basis.

Work alongside passionate individuals

Lastly, and most importantly, we guarantee that the people you’ll be working with at Giant Towers are well and truly top tier.

Dedicated, passionate, creative, and supportive, our Giants understand that everyone is here for the same purpose, striving for the best results for our clients as a tribe of highly-skilled, high-energy individuals. Together, we not only share celebrations, successes, and wins, but we also collectively learn from our losses, pick ourselves up, and move forward stronger.

We are a team of 80+ uniquely talented Giants who bring our A-game for the business and one another to produce great results. We’ve won multiple Employer of the Year awards for the opportunities and workplace culture we provide for our team – so let that be testament to us knowing our stuff!

The famous Giant office

Just a stone’s throw from both the beach and town centre, the unassuming, concrete Civic Centre building houses our cheerful (and very purple) Giant HQ.

Located on the 7th and 8th floors overlooking the English Channel, Giant Towers is perfectly positioned for excellent views and lunchtime beachside strolls.

And as for the office itself, we have a have a secret bookcase boardroom, a fully-stocked bar, a cupboard loaded with snacks, a pool table, games consoles, numerous areas to unwind and decompress, a dartboard, a lego logo wall, and our famous ball pit for our Giants to enjoy.

office football table

Why Sleeping Giant Media?

Liking the sound of all that? Us too. If you’re still considering, however:

Does our ambition to develop an incredible working environment committed to Health & Wellbeing, Diversity, Flexibility, Inclusivity, Excellence, Community, and Sustainability inspire you?

Would you love to be part of a team that aims to achieve a Times Top 100 Employer status, an industry-leading Employee Net Promoter Score, and has a Carbon Negative Commitment?

If the answers are resolutely “Yes!”, then we’d love to talk to you.

When working at Sleeping Giant, you can expect all the benefits mentioned above – from unlimited holiday and profit share to health plans and paid sick – but, most importantly, you should look forward to flexibility, support, and encouragement to develop your own career in line with our mission to awaken potential.

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