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What’s a website without content? We’ve all visited websites (to learn something, book tickets, buy a product, discover services, and so on) that are frustratingly empty. Or, at the opposite extreme, so full of text we don’t know where to start. Quite quickly, we navigate back to Google and try to find what we’re looking for elsewhere.

Content is about being there in all the right places, in all the right ways.

From your product and service descriptions, through to your About Us pages and blogs, it’s a crucial element of your digital strategy.

And in a saturated digital space, it’s all the more important that your content does more for you — that it helps you to stand out.

Pairing nicely with SEO & social media strategies, our digital content marketing services will take your website up a notch (or ten)!


Want content that converts?

Put simply, content marketing is a means of marketing your business through elements like blogs, whitepapers, and other media forms.

But how do you leverage those assets to bring in leads for your business?

Be it signing up to a newsletter, filling in a form, downloading an app, or registering for a webinar, content is key when it comes to inspiring your audience to convert.

Luckily for you, our expert team of in-house content writers can create the right content that works hard for your business — engaging your audience and leading them swiftly down that marketing funnel.

Content and SEO

The truth is that there is no SEO strategy without content, whether we’re talking about blogs or your core site pages. That’s why we don’t just do words — we create SEO content marketing strategies based on business objectives, audiences, trends, and search insights.

SEO content is any content created with the goal of attracting search engine traffic (a.k.a real human beings – potential customers!). The aim is to get found, be interesting, and get people to stick around.

As one of the first touchpoints a potential customer sees, your website content needs to be seamlessly written, convey your purpose, and impress users so that they actually convert.

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Our content marketing services

Content auditing

To begin with any strategy, you need to know where you already stand. Our content auditing service establishes the relative strengths and weaknesses of your website’s existing content.

We deep-dive into a range of metrics to assess where your content could be doing more for you. This puts us in good stead to assign and prioritise a content marketing strategy aimed at achieving your business goals and improving the experience of your site.

Creative content strategy

With ears to the ground, we’ll get stuck into your industry, your competitors, and more in order to identify new creative opportunities. We build content calendars that consider all stages of the content marketing funnel, seasonal trends, your existing content clusters, and gaps in your website — so you can generate new leads and boost customer retention.

Content & copy creation

At Sleeping Giant Media, we categorise all content as either functional or creative. In short, those are your core site pages (services, products, contact, etc), and your blogs. Every business needs both — and we do both! Whether it’s the creation of brand new content or reviewing and optimising what you already have, we make sure that the content on your website is the best it can be.

Content consultancy

Need a helping hand with your content? If you already have an in-house team or are building one, we’ll help you establish a strong content marketing strategy. We work with all kinds of businesses, be they B2C, B2B, small, large, or enterprise-level, providing guidance on all things content so you can elevate your brand and better connect with your audience.

We also have a high-quality content training offering if you want to develop your team’s skills!

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