Google Ad Grants For Charity & Non-Profits

Did you know, if you are a UK-based charity you could be eligible for up to $300 per day of free advertising on Google’s search results? That’s around $10,000 a month (P.S. Google talks about their grants in dollars, but rest assured we’ll manage your campaigns in trusty GBP). Our Google Premier Partner pros can help you make the most of that much-needed budget.

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What are ‘Google Advertising Grants‘ for charities?

If you are a UK-based charity or not-for-profit, you may be eligible for up to $10,000 USD of Google Advertising credit. That’s about £397 per day of free advertising on Google’s search results. In short, Google Ad Grants are well worth it if you can qualify.

If you meet the criteria stipulated by Google to achieve the grant, your adverts would appear in the sponsored results section of the search engine results page (the top and the bottom) when a user enters a search query that is relevant to your organisation. These can help you drive people to any page, campaign or form you choose on your website.

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Google Ad Grant management & support

Getting the best out of a grant-funded Google Ads campaign requires a highly-targeted strategy and some meticulous day-to-day supervision of your accounts. Managing this alone is a daunting and time-consuming task.

That’s what we’re here for! As an award-winning Kent-based search and social media marketing agency, we’ll bring the PPC expertise and experience needed to ensure your campaign reaches its full potential.

And if you haven’t been granted credit yet, we’ll point you in the right direction to take those first steps to apply and get your ad account set up or optimised.

For organisations with pre-existing Google Ads accounts, our Google Premier Partner professionals work to assess current performance based on existing data sets and implement all necessary changes. We’ll restructure your ad groups to form robust campaigns that deliver only the best results. And, as a part of our service, the performance of the account will be continually monitored and used to further develop your campaigns!

We’ll report back our findings and the performance of your account and Google Ad Grant campaigns at agreed intervals, with recommendations to inform ongoing overall strategy.

If all of this sounds like gibberish but you know you want some support running Google Ad Grant campaigns, no worries — just give us a call.

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How could you benefit from a Google Ad Grant?

If your organic SEO is letting you down, your budget is tight, or you just want that extra boost, then these free ad credits can help make your charity efforts GIANT. The grants are a fantastic way for any eligible charity to promote their cause online and generate greater revenue by reaching more charitable donors at the best point in the users’ online journey.

The analytics available behind your search ads help you understand your audience, donors, and volunteers more too, opening up a world of digital marketing opportunities!

Does your organisation meet the eligibility requirements for Google Ad Grants?

The eligibility criteria for Google Ad Grants are quite stringent. Here are some of the requirements:

  • Your organisation is a registered charitable organisation in one of the listed countries
  • Your organisation meet the requirements of the specific country
  • Your organisation is not:
  • A government entity
  • A hospital or healthcare organisation
  • An academic institution, like a school or university
  • Your organisation’s website is:
  • Of a high quality
  • Clearly of a non-profit purpose (not resembling commercial entities).

Sounds complicated? Let us help you with the process of qualifying. In the meantime, see more about Google’s Ad Grants eligibility criteria here.

Google Advertising Grants case study

See how we helped one client, Patient Safety Learning, maximise on their awarded Google Ad Grant, helping them spend the full grant to generate some awesome results:
– 168% increase in conversions
– 162% more users to the hub
– 233% more impressions
See the results

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Get more from your Google Ad Grants – give us a call

For support in qualifying for and managing Google Ad Grant campaigns, we’re just a phone call away. Get in touch today and discover more about our approach to PPC.