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As an official Google Premier Partner, we offer expert PPC management and advertising services to get your business the best results possible.

PPC management

Want to raise your conversion rate? After quick results? Our dedicated team of certified Giants can harness the power of pay-per-click advertising to drive relevant traffic to your site, and help you get those oh-so-important sales.

Optimising your ad copy, budget, audiences, placements, and more, our team manages all elements of your PPC campaigns, giving you the competitive edge your business requires, whilst allowing you to focus on what’s important.

How PPC gets results…

  • PPC focuses on ‘active’ users, the ones looking to complete an action. Directly targeting users to visit your website through an ad is a great way to generate leads.
  • You can measure your results, adapt your bids, and change your ad copy based on what is and isn’t working. After all, if you’re paying per click, you want to make sure those clicks count!
  • PPC allows you to sit at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), above organic results — if your price is right — working as an excellent accompaniment to SEO and content marketing.
  • Done right, pay-per-click advertising can deliver great return on investment (ROI), and help you achieve some of the best marketing and business goals.

Our PPC services

When you’re playing with real money, things like strategy and effective management become more important than ever. That’s why so many businesses choose to leave the management of their paid campaigns in the capable hands of our experienced PPC team.

Our teams can oversee the careful planning, delivery, optimisation, and reporting stages of PPC management for your business. Our expertise, accompanied by our Google Premier Partner status, tools, and insights, means we can help get some truly Giant results for your business.

Explore our PPC service offering below.


Remarketing is a type of paid advertising that you can use to target those who’ve already visited your site or performed an action you deem important. Using remarketing, you can target these users with tailored messaging, reminding them to complete their purchase or to reach out. These ads work across the spectrum, from conversion driving to brand awareness.

Google Display Network

Google’s Display Network is a visual network of adverts that span across millions of websites, apps, and programs, helping businesses to connect with customers at multiple points. If you’ve ever been followed around the internet by that pair of shoes you couldn’t decide whether to commit to…well, that’s what this is. We can help you run these tailored ads – as well as design the graphics.

Google Grants

If you’re a UK-based charity, you may be eligible for free advertising on Google search results with text-based ads. This involves planning and strategy, as well as meticulous day-to-day supervision of the accounts. Luckily, we can assist in the strategising and running of these ads – helping you make the most of your grant, raising awareness and reaching potential donors.

Platform-specific advertising

When it comes to paid ads, we don’t just stop at Google. Depending on your business’ unique goals and objectives — and the relevant audiences you want to get in front of — our team of experts can also offer paid advertising management for a variety of platforms, including (but not limited to): Amazon, Spotify, and Microsoft.

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Our approach to PPC

So, what makes us the stand-out when it comes to PPC management?

A user-first strategy

Our approach to PPC management is centred around mapping out the user’s journey, taking ownership at all stages, and developing the right keyword, structure, copy, and landing page strategy for your business. In short, we continually optimise and evolve your PPC activity to hit those goals and objectives, and improve profitability.

Combining our paid advertising expertise with an award-winning specialist Data Team, we’re able to use real-time data to help inform and lead our approach to PPC campaign management.

Goal-focused activity

From the research stage through to the set-up, management, and reporting, we’ll ask about your objectives and goals – and help you achieve them.

We’re able to offer solutions to those with varying paid advertising budgets too, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Maximum transparency

When you’re one of our PPC clients, you will get your own expert account team who look after you, your campaigns, and your marketing efforts. With monthly reports and daily updates, you will always be kept up-to-date with what’s happening in your campaigns.

Clarity and accuracy

What’s more, your ad copy will be written and checked by our expert Creative Team, to ensure you’re getting the right clicks from the right people (meaning your budget isn’t wasted). Our aim is to make the most of your budget, and continuously work to drive down click costs, refine the targeting, and deliver ROI. Sounds perfect, right?

The benefits of working with us

  • We’re a Google Premier Partner with a fully certified team of digital marketers, giving you access to events, exclusive training, industry research, product updates, and study materials.
  • Our reporting is jargon-free, meaning you can see and understand what great things we’re doing with your accounts.
  • We take a holistic approach, focusing on your business needs and performance, not just PPC in isolation — because what good would that be?
  • We offer a humanised approach to automation.
  • Our focus is on data, performance, and communication – offering quality services along with award-winning customer service.
CIM Agency of the Year 2017

Building brand awareness in hyper-competitive sectors

We’ve worked on PPC with a huge array of clients across a wide variety of industries. One example is our work with AnyVan, a client who had to compete in a crowded sector in order to stand out & grow online. The results are in the thousands…

We’re leaders in our industry

Recognised for our work through awards, client testimonials, and our rate of word-of-mouth sales, we’re confident in our ability to help manage your PPC activity and satisfy your objectives. Just take a look at some of our accolades below:


  • CIM Agency of the Year 2017 (2018, 2020 finalists)
  • Google Premier Partner & Bing Select Partner
  • Heavy investment in digital skills training for our team & our clients

PPC management case studies

See how we helped businesses grow online through our PPC management services.

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