Web Analytics & Data Services

Data, analytics, measurement and attribution strategies to help inform marketing decisions

Our data and analytics services come hand-in-hand with all forms of digital marketing, whether that’s organic search, PPC, or social media marketing.

Having access to and being able to understand accurate data will help you to make better, smarter marketing decisions and see a real return on your efforts.

Analysing data and user behaviours across your website and digital presence will help to forecast future performance and allow us to set up appropriate strategies across marketing channels to help see your business grow.

If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it!

Our Data Services & Measurement Plans

Being such a crucial element of making smart business decisions, our analytics and data services can come either as standalone elements or alongside our other digital marketing services.

We’ll work collaboratively with you to audit existing analytics and tracking in order to build a measurement framework that tracks what’s valuable to you.

Data Auditing

Our data auditing services can be split into two: a full-service data audit, or a top-level data audit.

Providing actionable insights is the point of all data, right? Through our data audits we can ensure everything is set up in the correct way so you know if:

  • Your data is being tracked properly
  • You could approach your data collection in a more granular way to gaining more or better actionable insights, strategies, and reporting
  • You are tracking the things that are crucial to your business and objectives.

We’ll review your tags and setups across things like Google Analytics & Tag Manager, your advertising tags (e.g. Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, Programmatic, Google Optimise, Google Surveys and Double Click), as well as specific events and conversion tags.

Essentially, we’re always looking to see that your current tracking is right for you, secure, and accurate – so the audit gets you actionable insights, potential improvements, and clear follow-up actions.

GA4 Migration & Training

With the move to GA4 – Google’s successor to Universal Analytics – many businesses have had to move their accounts in order to retain historical data. This, in turn, has resulted in a lot of hasty transitions and improperly migrated accounts. Our GA4 migration & training services help address any migration issues and ensure that your analytics accounts are in the best shape.

Measurement Planning

Our measurement plan service helps you to define and translate your key business objectives into metrics and dimensions you can measure.

Laying a solid data foundation is key to any business plan & marketing strategy. This measurement plan will provide a framework for a customised configuration, allowing you to set targets and measure your progression towards business goals.

As part of this measurement plan, we’ll provide audits of your current setups – with reviews and opportunity assessments of your goals and event setups, KPI reviews and ideation, implementation and report plans, and a business objectives workshop.

From the work conducted within the measurement plan, and knowing what your business objectives are, we’ll look at implementing the necessary changes or updates, deploying tags and tracking, plus integrating CMSs – starting you on the journey to accurate data collection.

Cookie Support

GDPR compliance and cookie policy is extremely important for all websites and must be handled correctly in accordance with the ICO.

Although we can’t advise you on how to manage your cookies, or whether you’re GDPR compliant, we can tell you if your cookie banner functions how the ICO suggests, show comparisons for best practices, suggest solutions, and support in the setting up of your cookie banner from a technical perspective, ensuring all the relevant elements are firing at the right times!

UTM Guidance

UTMs (Urchin Tracking Modules) can form a giant part of your measurement of and reporting on digital activity. Although easy to use, they can be problematic to manage across your marketing channels — fortunately, we can help implement them correctly.

We’ll look at auditing your current UTM usage, identifying commonalities and issues, and giving guidance on effective and uniformed UTM usage moving forward – tailored to your business, helping you assess the performance of every campaign across all channels.

Data Reporting

Whether you’ve set up tracking and goals yourself, or we have provided and implemented a measurement plan, reports can be set up in a bespoke manner to allow you to report on the things that matter to your business.

From templated reports in Data Studio, through to fully bespoke ones – you’ll be surprised by the data you can track and report on!

We can provide bespoke reports and custom dashboards with various versions set up and tailored to the different levels of teams and stakeholders, providing the right insights to the right people.

Why work with us on your data & reporting?

Our digital marketing agency has its very own Data Team, a group of real wizz-kids when it comes to all things data, attribution, tagging, and measurement!

This team, and our work with previous clients, has seen us win awards like CIM 2017’s Best Use Of Data & Insight (which is a huge accolade) — we were also finalists in the 2019 Wirehive 100’s Best Data-Driven Campaign category.

Our ability to run data-led digital marketing campaigns has seen some giant success for clients over the years and is only growing stronger as the world of digital evolves around us.


Want in on our data services?

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