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Giant Case Study

The Client: Aquaread | www.aquaread.com

We worked with Aquaread on an integrated approach to search marketing, aimed at increasing brand awareness around the globe.

Read on to see how we did GIANT things for them.

Our relationship has grown rapidly and we can see a massive return on our investment.

Craig Harrison, Managing Director | Aquaread

The Client

Since 2009, Aquaread have been manufacturing highly specialist, portable, multi-parameter water quality monitoring equipment. The devices measure properties of water, such as pH, salinity and dissolved oxygen levels. Water quality is monitored for a wide range of applicants, including to check for possible pollutants and for changes in the ecosystem in the body of water, which can have devastating consequences. The target consumers are environmental monitoring groups, waste water processing plants, environmental research bodies and anyone who might need to accurately monitor water quality.

The Brief

Rather than selling directly to customers, Aquaread supply their water quality testing equipment to over 70 distributors based all over the world. Their goals when looking to work with a digital marketing agency were to increase their queries and conversions.

Sleeping Giant Media worked with Aquaread to increase their brand awareness by improving their ranking on search engine results pages, and as a result, sending more traffic their way and generating leads.

The Campaign

In order to get the best results for Aquaread, Sleeping Giant Media used an integrated approach to search engine optimisation (SEO) and per per click advertising (PPC).

With regards to SEO, Sleeping Giant Media worked with Aquaread to develop the site and expand its content, all whilst making sure that it complies with Google best practice guidelines. The aim is not only to improve search engine rankings but also to increase the value of the website to users, resulting, hopefully, in reduced bounce rate.

The agency introduced Aquaread to PPC and ran targeted campaigns to bring more relevant traffic to their website. The site development and content expansion integrated well with the PPC as they were able to keep the user on the site for longer. If you’re paying for the user to visit your site, you want to keep them there.

As part of this, they set up tracking and goals to ensure that they were monitoring the impact of their work. The Aquaread marketing campaign was not restricted to the UK and saw the agency providing PPC internationally.

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The Results


increase in conversions


decrease in cost per conversion


increase in traffic

The work with Aquaread had shown some impressive results. Traffic was up by around 50% year on year and the bounce rate had decreased. There was an increase in conversions based on the SEO and PPC integration, resulting in 416% increase. This and the increase in traffic resulted in a 69% decrease in cost per conversion.

Aquaread’s Managing Director was asked how Sleeping Giant Media had helped them to achieve their goals for the company:

“Aquaread came to Sleeping Giant Media wanting to increase our exposure and market presence in certain countries around the world. This has been quantified by the direct orders we are seeing as a result of working with Sleeping Giant Media.” The client also stated they wanted “an increase in sales in the UK” which has been quantified “as we are getting a lot more enquiries in the UK directly rather than through distributors.”




Aquaread were attracted to Sleeping Giant Media because they are a young, growing business in Kent who build relationships on trust, which is very important to us.

Craig Harrison, Managing Director | Aquaread


It’s been great working with the guys at Aquaread. They’ve really embraced digital marketing and the inegrated approach in particular. We’ve been able to yield some fantastic results.

Anthony Klokkou, Marketing Manager | Sleeping Giant Media

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