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“Through newly created content, targeted social advertising & influencer outreach, we were able to reach huge numbers of people.”

The Client:

The Folkestone Triennial is a public art festival held every three years in the seaside town of Folkestone, Kent. Creative Folkestone Triennial is one of the most ambitious public art projects presented in the UK.

Sleeping Giant Media was invited to promote the 2017 festival, which was held over a nine-week period from 2 September to 5 November.

The Services:

For the campaign, Sleeping Giant Media provided the following services:

The Brief:

The Folkestone Triennial team came to Sleeping Giant Media with the objective of spreading the word about the festival to as many people as possible.

With this in mind, the agency put the most creative minds at Sleeping Giant Media together to come up with the best ideas for the campaigns.

The Approach:

The campaign was divided into two parts: pre-launch and post-launch.

The pre-launch campaigns included outreach activities on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by creating images and sharing details of the artists to build anticipation and engagement without unveiling details before the actual event.

We created a number of audience lists on Twitter, which featured prominent individuals and organisations. This helped us to be able to share information with increased reach, and specifically target high-value social users.

Using footage of a guided tour, we created a short pre-launch video on Facebook. We also utilised the Google PPC grant to raise awareness and were able to get in front of over 80,000 searchers, with almost 3,000 interactions.

During the festival, we used videos formatted for social audiences (including drone footage of Folkestone and the Triennial festival), paid social promotions and social content as well as creating a competition to encourage engagement and participation throughout the event.

The Results


increase in reach through paid advertising


new people reached


new people reached on Facebook


total reach through paid social

The Results:

Through newly created content and targeted social advertising and influencer outreach, we were able to reach huge numbers of people during the course of the campaign. 

Paid social promotion was a particular area for success as this allowed us to get much more reach from social content, not to mention more specific targeting which enabled us to reach audiences who may not have heard of the Triennial before. 

299.71% Increase in reach through paid advertising

264,471 Total reach through paid social

322,872 New people were reached in September

96,547 Total reach in November on Facebook

234,895 Video views on Facebook

459,584 New people reached on Facebook (discounting page followers)


Compared with the previous Triennial in 2014:

Paid traffic average session duration rose by 158% and by 287% for social traffic.

Facebook budget spend decreased by 86.8%, from £4500 to £595.

Impressions reached by Twitter activities rose by 214% (from 74,790 in 2014 to 234,900 in 2017)

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