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Giant Case Study

The Client: Signet Branding | www.signetbranding.com

We worked with Signet Branding to produce monthly creative and functional content on their website to help achieve a whole host of goals and objectives.

Read on to see how we did GIANT things for them.

We consider Sleeping Giant Media to be an extension of our marketing team.

The Client

Signet is a B2B global business that specialises in luxury product packaging. They work with clients to design and create a variety of embellishments for products, including badges, labels and wax seals. Notable clients include Ted Baker, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker.

They began working with Sleeping Giant Media in September 2017 who have been creating content for the Signet website on a recurring monthly basis ever since. 

The Services

In the time working with Signet, Sleeping Giant Media have provided the entry experts with the following services;

– content writing: both functional and creative

– creative workbook

– technical SEO

– linking


The Brief

Signet offers a variety of different embellishments, but prior to working with Sleeping Giant Media, the website had not been optimised with pages for each of the products they sell. The work needed to be conducted, therefore, was that of functional content to promote their products, as well as creative content to draw in more traffic to their website.

The Approach

Functional Content:

The first step was to focus on functional content and create better optimised functional pages for the many products on offer. To achieve this, keyword research was conducted to ensure that all product pages were optimised for the most relevant and searched for keywords. In doing so, the pages created stood a better chance of ranking higher in search engines, as well as ensuring a better user experience.

11 product pages were created in the first month, with additional functional pages created as additional products were released.

Alongside product pages, Sleeping Giant Media also worked on rewriting existing functional pages to better optimise them. This included working on previous case studies/testimonials that feature on the site.

Creative Content:

After the first batch of functional content had been created for the site, Sleeping Giant Media began focusing on creating a series of monthly blogs in order to help increase overall traffic to the site.

Blogs were created on a rolling monthly basis. To help decide on topics, research was conducted to see what themes/areas regularly see high monthly search volumes. In doing so, the content created will focus on something that people are actively searching for.

Regular internal brainstorming sessions were also conducted to help generate potential creative content ideas. Content was also based around trending events/times of the year that would naturally see high levels of related traffic.

Alongside blogs, new case studies/testimonials were also created to help boost traffic and the number of sessions on the website.

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The Results


increase in avg time on page


increase in unique page views


increase in page views

When comparing 2016-2017, and 2017-2018, some GIANT numbers were recorded from the work conducted on content for the Signet website. There were increases in page views, unique page views, sessions, average time on page and number of entrances to the site.

14 product pages were created for the client and uploaded to the site in May 2017. Between 1st May 2017, and 1st February 2018, 17% of total views on the website came from those viewing the new product pages.

The blog written on a monthly basis helped to drive traffic to the site and improve visibilty in search engines such as Google. The most effective blog created for Signet focused on the pros and cons of glass and plastic, which since being added to the site had generated almost a thousand views.

These were some GIANT results for such a niche market.

We are delighted with the results Sleeping Giant Media have helped us to achieve since working with them. The team developed a strategy to support our company and marketing KPIs and have consistently reviewed and developed the strategy to fit our goals. They have been particularly helpful in advising us in areas of marketing where we do not have internal expertise and have been a joy to work with.

Marketing Manger | Signet

We’ve been working with Signet on improving their keyword targeting by adding functional pages onto the site to target different products they offer. Twinning this with a creative content strategy of posting four blogs a month to power up the site as a whole has lead to an increase in traffic of over 100%.

Holly Cooke | Sleeping Giant Media

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