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Giant Case Study

The Client: Xtras | www.xtras.co.uk

We worked with Xtras on the transition of their site and brand, using SEO and PPC best practices too.

Read on to see how we did GIANT things for them.

Sleeping Giant Media’s approach is based on common sense, hard work and a good understanding of the space we’re in.

Managing Director | Xtras

The Client

Xtras-online was a high volume retailer of beauty accessories, perfumery, cosmetics, hair products and fancy dress wear. The company started as an offline high street retailer, “Xtras Accessories” in 1990, expanding to a number of stores across the UK.

The Brief

Xtras came to Sleeping Giant Media through a recommendation from a long standing client. Originally, the company had one website “crazy for hair”, selling hair accessories and ran low-level PPC in house. Sleeping Giant Media were set to run the PPC for a second website, “crazy for perfume”. Eventually, their work helped drive the decision to amalgamate the two websites into the one, Xtras-online.

The Integrated Approach

When working on the “crazy for perfume” site for PPC, Sleeping Giant Media established the top products, given the hyper competitive market place, and broke them out to a highly granular level. All whilst expanding the existing campaigns to cover off more products and greater keywords.

Split testing of top performing ads, and careful budget monitoring identified strong performers, where budgets could be re-distributed allowing an increasingly granular approach. This helped Sleeping Giant Media to drive the decision to amalgamate the two websites into Xtras-online to increase browsability and consolidate more of the products available within the shops to improve overall proposition.

Sleeping Giant Media advised and implemented the transition strategy of these sites, handling redirects and ensuring all of the value was retained from the previous sites. This was particularly important as Crazy for Hair remained a strong online brand with high levels of value and traffic still coming through to the new website on brand terms. Subsequently, Xtras-online.co.uk was established.

The specialist search & social agency worked closely with Xtras to develop an integrated search strategy to drive the business through organic and paid search channels. The agency developed an ongoing link building strategy on key terms, continual optimisation of on page content and implementation of blogs, boosting sales across both channels.

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The Results

PPC performance, 6 months after launch


increase in conversion rate


increase in transactions


increase in conversion per click

This integrated approach had driven down cost per sale by two thirds, tripled PPC conversions, all whilst doubling SEO conversion and driving an increase in traffic volume (50%) and quality (20% reduction in bounce), particularly on brand terms. Continued onsite optimisation, off-page high quality link building, and a liquid, phased approach towards PPC keyword optimisation and deep linking continued to improve the results.

Client confidence was high with close communication and regular reporting. Sleeping Giant Media worked with Xtras as a trusted partner for a long time, continuing to impart maximum value and contribute in any way possible to drive results.

In terms of PPC, strong conversion rates were seen, well above industry standard, from a standing start to a clear upward trend month on month. Beyond being able to bring in sales early on, the campaign gave Sleeping Giant Media the chance to gain great exposure in front of a targeted audience.

After just six months results were showing that the website was ranking for various products and search terms.


The Results

SEO performance, 6 months after launch


increase in conversion rate


increase in transactions


increase in products sold



We launched a new website at the start of the year and Sleeping Giant Media have been managing our entire PPC & SEO strategy. Not only have I been impressed with the guys on a personal note, but more importantly with the results we have seen.

Managing Director | Xtras


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