GA4: Why Doesn’t My Data Match?

The 1st of July 2023 is looming ever closer. After that date, we can kiss goodbye to our beloved Universal Analytics and welcome in the advancements of GA4.

But what does this new way of measuring site traffic and engagement bring to the table? Well, GA4 has a number of key adjustments designed to make it a better data model — but it can be a bit complicated!

If you’re filled with questions about GA4, watch our virtual event to learn more.

Get to grips with GA4

During our virtual workshop, we’ll run you through the core differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics, explaining the changes and how they are helpful.

If you’ve already been introduced to GA4, this is an excellent opportunity to iron out any wrinkles you may have come across, such as why your data doesn’t match.

We’ll help you get familiar with core GA4 concepts like using observed data to model gaps and boost your confidence with cardinality and what it means for modelling, leaving you with a renewed sense of vigour for this complicated platform!


  • Getting familiar with GA4’s key adjustments and points of departure from Universal Analytics
  • Learning how GA4 uses observed data to model the gaps in data
  • An introduction to cardinality and its implications for datasets
  • Exploring how cardinality affects Google’s treatment of your data

Watch the webinar for free here:

Feel empowered to move forward

with this new way of measuring site traffic and engagement after learning more about its intricacies and functionality. 

Whether you’re a head of department, a marketing manager, or a data lover like Chris, this talk is for you!

Chris Hirlemann

Head of Data, Sleeping Giant Media

Working with us since 2011, Chris has seen his fair share of digital changes and has kept us at the forefront of data-based innovation for over a decade. Chris specialises in tag management, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Paid Search & Paid Social and spends his time helping businesses in all sectors make sure that they’ve got the best possible data to make informed decisions for the future of their online efforts.

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